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August 2021 Wrap Up

It was another slow reading month for me. I blame my coworkers for getting me started playing Stardew Valley. That game draws you in and makes you play it a lot. I also have been picking up and putting down a lot of books. I’m still in the “nothing is grabbing my attention” phase of a slump.

I read 9 books this month. Three were audiobooks. I guess that means that my drive time and lunch time audio listening isn’t being affected by the slump.

I did pick up a new country for the year! Succulents and Spells is set in New Zealand.

The authors this month were just white women I think. I need to look a little more at broadening my reading again.


  • Danielle Hammelef

    I also enjoy “traveling” to other countries while reading and just finished a book set in Japan (I kept my phone near me to look up the Japanese words sprinkled throughout). I never used to pay attention to the race of authors, but started to a few years ago. I have surprised myself with the amount of books I have read by Asian authors as well as black authors and have definitely learned so much from their points of view. I’m loving the diversity in literature now.

  • Mae Sander

    The lists of good new books in progress for release in the next 2 months offer quite a lot of diversity, beyond the white women you’ve been reading. I think there are some really good ones coming out, and I have quite a list.

    best… mae at

  • Lisa notes...

    That’s great that you are adding different countries into your reading mix. I love that idea! I try to watch for my authors like this too. I want far more than a white male perspective. I’m glad that a greater variety of authors are being published more and more.

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