It was another slow reading month for me. I blame my coworkers for getting me started playing Stardew Valley. That game draws you in and makes you play it a lot. I also have been picking up and putting down a lot of books. I’m still in the “nothing is grabbing my attention” phase of a slump.

I read 9 books this month. Three were audiobooks. I guess that means that my drive time and lunch time audio listening isn’t being affected by the slump.

I did pick up a new country for the year! Succulents and Spells is set in New Zealand.

The authors this month were just white women I think. I need to look a little more at broadening my reading again.

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  1. I also enjoy “traveling” to other countries while reading and just finished a book set in Japan (I kept my phone near me to look up the Japanese words sprinkled throughout). I never used to pay attention to the race of authors, but started to a few years ago. I have surprised myself with the amount of books I have read by Asian authors as well as black authors and have definitely learned so much from their points of view. I’m loving the diversity in literature now.

  2. The lists of good new books in progress for release in the next 2 months offer quite a lot of diversity, beyond the white women you’ve been reading. I think there are some really good ones coming out, and I have quite a list.

    best… mae at

  3. Stardew Valley is so addictive! I think I played over 100 hours of it the first month I started, which is crazy!
    9 books is still a lot though, although I hope you get out of your slump soon. Reading slumps are so tough!

  4. That’s great that you are adding different countries into your reading mix. I love that idea! I try to watch for my authors like this too. I want far more than a white male perspective. I’m glad that a greater variety of authors are being published more and more.

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