This is the most wonderful time of the year! It is bookish stats time! I’m starting off this year with the authors I read.

This year like most years I read overwhelmingly female authors. I counted each unique author I read. No extra credit if I read lots of their books.

The numbers don’t show up there were 2 Indigenous authors and 1 South Asian female author.

Once again my reading was mostly white women. It is likely even more skewed than it looks because I had a lot of series where I read many books by the same white author.

Do you see that one lone South Asian author? How does that even happen? I’ve had times when it felt like all I was reading was Indian authors. Not this year. I have plans to fix that next year though.

I had quit reporting on author race in my monthly roundups because there were a few times when I didn’t know the race of the author. I think moving away from looking at that monthly may have let my reading drift back to mostly white.

So who were some of the authors I read most?