#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter H

MCA Hogarth

Welcome to A to Z Blogging Challenge H part 2. I don’t have an author who starts with I to talk about but I have multiples for H so here we are. My blog, my rules.

I first read MCA Hogarth’s book Earthrise. A struggling cargo ship captain is sent to rescue a hostage on a planet. She finds out that it is an alien from a very reclusive culture. It is also a member of the species that features in her favorite alien romance novels. All she has to go on is what she’s learned from reading those books. It would be like if every fantasy reader suddenly had to transport a fairy or an orc.

I love that whole series. After that I read a series that also features a member of that same species in her extended universe.

I love this series. I reread it often. There have been more added but I haven’t read them but for some reason I want there to always be more that I could read if I wanted to. I don’t know if that makes sense. It doesn’t even fully make sense to me. I think these are just the sweetest and coziest books about empaths learning psychology and making a found family. I recommended these books in a discussion on Twitter once and someone reminded me that the first one takes place partially in a children’s hospital where kids are dying. Apparently some people thought that wasn’t so cozy. I still maintain that it is but I’m in medicine so your tolerance may be different.

Speaking of differences in tolerance, this author’s books stay mostly in the same universe but they can be wildly different. Where these ones are kind and nice, there are others that I’ve picked up that are very violent and have a lot of sexual violence. I don’t like that so I’d check out some reviews to see what you are getting into with her other series before you pick them up.