#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter J

Debbie Johnson

I don’t have a lot of J authors either so I decided to highlight one that is perfect for Foodies Read. I love reading books set in bakeries or cafes. Debbie Johnson wrote a very cozy series set in Dorset.

A widowed mom with two kids decides to leave home and work for a summer in a beach cafe. It will give the kids a change of scene (whether they want it or not) and get her out of her rut. She finds a close community and a cafe that caters to them. It serves the favorite food of each local person so they will have just what they need.

There are now more books that I haven’t read yet. I need to get them.

I had forgotten that the new love interest in the book is a veterinarian. He is everything that I wrote about in this post but I like this book anyway. This series is great for people looking for a sweet, escapist read.