#AtoZChallenge 2024 letter K

K. M. Shea

I first discovered K. M. Shea through her less known series, The Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center. The MBRC tries to help supernatural beings fit in with humans. These books have since been retitled but if you click on the images you will be able to find the new editions.

I went looking for more books after that I found her Magiford series. I fell in love with it. Magiford is a midwestern U.S. town that is the regional center for magical government. There are several sets of trilogies in the main story line. It is best to read them in order so you get the whole story. I also recommend waiting until all three books of each trilogy are out because you are going to want the whole story at once!

Start here with the story of the minimally talented heir to a magical house who is thrust into leadership and then has to immediately survive a coup. The only magical creature willing to shelter her to save her life is a local vampire.

This series is fun and has amazing, slow burn, clean romances. With each trilogy the extended universe grows. I love everything about these books.