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I wish I had an interesting story to tell about why I haven’t posted for a while. But the sad fact is that I’ve been terribly boring and there wasn’t anything interesting to say.

However, over the past long weekend I did manage to make this.


It was my first time doing prairie points (the triangles on the edges). There are only three fabrics in this quilt which is probably the smallest number of fabrics I’ve ever used in a quilt.

Here are some close ups.




  • Autumn

    Must be the time of year. I don’t feel like I have much to say lately either. I’m struggling to find somethng to blog about. Maybe the muses are on vacation ha ha.
    Love the quit. I recently unpacked or I should say repacked my fabric and thought to myself that I should try again to piece one together, but thinking about it was as far as I got.

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