This was Snowball yesterday morning. The photo doesn’t do her look justice. She had hair sticking up in all directions for reasons unfathomable. Parts of her were overgrown. A grooming was in order.

She goes to work to get groomed. She is bad. Let’s leave it at that. Reciting her list of grooming offenses takes too long and is embarrassing. Plus she has to get up early. In an attempt to make it a better day for her, I gave her some canned food at work.

She vomited all day – including on the grooming station. Let’s add that to her list of offenses. So she got an anti-vomiting shot which really pissed her off.

She was so mad that she came home and attacked Riley. Yes, she got him down on the ground on his back and stood over him snarling and snapping. I didn’t interfere because frankly he deserved it. You know it is a bad hair day when you take down the bully twice your size (literally) because he looked at you funny.