Prize had her first bath of the year today. I’m sure you all heard the screaming.

Remember the “I’m melting! I’m melting!” scene from the Wizard of Oz?

Amateur hour.

She called for help over and over and no one came. Then she called for help in a more angry tone since she was being ignored. Eventually some people came over and petted her and told her she was looking very pretty. That wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted them to rescue her from the hose-wielding lunatic woman who was washing her protective layer of dirt off of her. Then she went in her stall to get her mane brushed out. The calling for help continued with enough histrionics that she finally smacked her head hard enough to knock some sense into her. I also threatened to also comb out her tail if she didn’t straighten up and she knows that it can take an hour or so to do that right.

Then I took her back outside to her (good-for-nothing-‘cuz-they-didn’t-come-to-my-rescue) friends. She rolled immediately then got up and chased one horse and then rolled again so when I last saw her she had a new protective dirt layer and had added strategically placed wisps of old hay sticking off of her.