How did the soccer game go? Well, she’s excited that she got 2 “breaks” – more than anyone else. That means that she sat out of the game for two quarters – more than anyone else. That about sums it up.

There was the one fine defensive move when she tripped over a player from the other team and occasionally the ball ran into her purely by accident. Other than that she had her arms out so she could fly when she ran and she picked me a clover.

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  • Kati

    *chuckle* Well, from one rather reluctant “hockey/soccer Mom” to another….. Welcome to the club, dear! My advice, get a good lawn/camping chair, and a nice large spectator-size umbrella and pack them along whenever you go to games. (This would be my advice for T-ball as well, should Z. eventually decide to try that instead of soccer.) The chair makes soggy ground much more comfortable, or even not-soggy ground for that matter. (God knows how easily the feet go tingly for those of us over 10, after being forced to sit cross-legged on the ground for too long.) And the umbrella comes very much in handy whether for rainy-weather games, or for games under increadibly (even painfully) sunny skies. I’d hesitate to speculate on which is more important, chair or umbrella, really. Either one is pretty indispensable, to my thinking. Another thing you MAY want to consider packing along is a blanket or afghan of some sort. At least around here, it’s windy and possibly rainy on a great many game-days. The blanket protects from that. While it may not seem necessary during a warm summer day when wearing shorts at work is even too warm, when you get out on those soccer fields where there is no protection from even the slightest breeze, and clouds decide to roll across the sky for the evening, that blanket also seems to be pretty important. (It’s astonishing how nasty Mother Nature can become once she realizes she’s got a captive audience of “Soccer Moms” watching their kids games, dressed lightly for a day’s work INSIDE. She goes from bright & sunny, to overcast and rainy in a matter of minutes, all in a seemingly horridly-humored attempt to do her worst to the biggest possible “captive” audience.)

    Other than that, HAVE FUN!!!! *wink*

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