Be Me

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I’m reading a book called THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin. I’m only partway through but one thing that struck me was her idea that she should work on being herself. That meant not trying to force herself to be interested in things that she thought she should be interested in and to embrace the things she did like even if she was embarrassed about them.

I understand that feeling. I’m not into stuff that the “cool kids” like. I started making a list:

1. I like 80s pop music and perky music in general. If I can’t dance or run to it I’m not very interested. I’m never going to develop an interest in angsty alternative music.

2. I like light fluffy books that I read for entertainment. I don’t particularly care about the classics. Melville and Dickens bore me to tears.

3. I like blogging. That probably seems perfectly normal to anyone reading this but if you tell muggles that you blog they tend to look at you funny.

4. Vegetarianism also makes people look at you with grave concern.

5. Letterboxing is fun if difficult to explain to people without sounding totally goofy.

6. I don’t have television service and I would fight tooth and nail to prevent ever getting it again. Seriously weird to most people.

7. I’m never going to care about opera or most classical music.

8. I’ll never be a person who manages to look all coordinated and put together when I’m running errands. No matter what Stacey and Clinton say it is easier to put on put on shorts than nice slacks.

I’m sure that I’ll come up with many more things that could go on this list.

What about you? Let your freak flag fly! LOL