At Prize’s barn there are two rescue foals. As they’ve gotten bigger they’ve spent more time in with Prize and her two pasturemates to learn how to be proper horses. Since they didn’t have moms to teach them how to behave they have to learn it somewhere or else they will be spoiled rotten little brats!

I found out today at Prize has taken it upon herself to be the strict maiden aunt/ schoolmarm in the pasture. If either colt steps out of line they hear about it from her. She’s so strict that sometimes one of the geldings steps in between her and the babies to give everyone a break.

That made me laugh really hard. Prize is the model of civilized interhorse interactions? Let’s take a look at her highlight reel:

1. As a yearling she threw such a violent hissy fit about Spirit’s dominance over her that he literally refused to turn his back to her for two years.

2. When an older gelding decided to teach her some herd manners when she was about two she sassed him so badly that he made her run around a pasture until she gave in to him. After a half hour I stopped it because it was over 90 degrees and I was afraid she was going to collapse. She never apologized. He’d give her a chance and she’d get sassy all over again.

3. She once kicked a small pony into a fence because of a dispute over treats. She wasn’t the least bit apologetic.

4. She beat up multiple farm bullies in her travels around the boarding farms in the area. She wants to be the only bully left standing.

Granted, she has mellowed in the last few years but Miss Manners she is not. I think we are far into “do as I say, not as I do” territory.

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