I hate blog posts where people ask you for something. But after much deliberation I’m going to do it too.

I need one more person to sign up and complete an offer and I will get a free Mac Mini. I signed up for this on a whim on someone else’s blog and over time I’ve accumulated 9 of the 10 people I need to get my new computer. Why do I need a new computer? Let me introduce you to the one I’m using now.

She is a iMac who was state of the art back in the day but not so much now. She’s bogged down with all kinds of programs that I don’t even recognize because she came here second-hand. I had a bunch of accessories but none of them work any more since I upgraded to OS X. I can’t burn CDs because the CD burner was OS 9 only. I can’t even use CDs because a CD is in the drive and refuses to come out. If I ask it to come out it squeals in protest.

With a Mac Mini I can burn photo and music CDs. I can pick what programs I want to have on it. It will be a fresh start.

So I need one kind soul to follow this link so I can earn my new computer. You have to sign up and complete one offer. That usually costs a dollar. You have to wait until it clears my account (usually 5 or 6 days – I’ll let you know) and then you can cancel it. If you sign up you can then earn your own free computer.

I was going to offer a prize for the person who did this but I realized that I don’t have anything really compelling for a prize. I could put a plaque on the new computer with your name. I’ll send you your dollar back. I’m open to prize suggestions but reserve the right to just laugh if it is an insane request. What about a quilt? You’ll already have my undying gratitude.

End of begging. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming…..

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