Finished top

I finished the quilt top today for my brother and his fiancee’s wedding quilt. I’m going to go now and drop it off at a friend’s who just got a longarm machine. You have no idea how thrilled I am not to have to quilt this. Quilting has always been my least favorite part. I want to make the tops and move on to another project.

This quilt was inspired by this mystery quilt. I was making another quilt when I saw this at the beginning of February and changed my mind about what I was doing.

Jewel box top

I made myself crazy with a color scheme that meant that I had to keep pieces in order. The pieces of the four patches go yellow, green, red, blue in each block. Half the triangles are pink and half are purple. They have purple squares between them. There are blue squares when the yellow come together and yellow squares when the blues come together.

The fabrics in the center are all from my stash. There are spiders, cats (including lions), horses, iguanas, lizards, bees, frogs, butterflies, and dragonflies. I fussy cut two squares of a nicely pagan sun and moon symbol to use on the outside corners. I knew that my very Christian relatives may not be thrilled with the symbology (if they even notice) so I balanced them by having the other two squares on the corners be fussy cut angels. It wasn’t until I had already cut it out that I realized that while one angel was holding a heart the other was cradling a crescent moon. I had to use it. They’ll never notice.


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