Happy Beltaine everyone!

I did my own recreation of a Celtic practice that I’ve read about. They used to make two bonfires and then drive their livestock between them. They did this for blessings on and for good fertility for their livestock. Since I’m looking for good livestock fertility this year I did this too. I modified it a bit for safety. I wasn’t looking forward to setting a grass fire and then having to explain to the neighbors and the fire department that I was doing a Celtic fertility ritual.

I took two big jar candles and set one on each side of the pasture gate. I lit them and then took the horses to the pasture. They passed through the gate (and between the fires) on their own while I prayed for each of them. Then I brought the candles in and let one burn upstairs while the other went on my altar. I did a quick ritual thanking each of the elements for their part in the coming of summer.