I’ve discovered some benefits of yoga that I’ve never heard described before.

Last night we played pool on the pool table for the first time. To recap the last two years or so of my life – we bought a pool table and then the male minds involved with delivering it decided it would be easier to remodel the whole basement before putting up the table than to move the table in order to remodel at some time in the distant future. So we finally got the table sort of up. After opening the box we were missing parts and the warranty was over because they had taken two years to do the basement.

Anyway, the first real pool game in the basement was me against the husband – who plays in a league every week. I WON! I made a big deal of that. I suggested a commenorative plaque. Never mind that it was 9 ball and I won by hitting in the 9 ball in after the husband hit in all the rest of the balls. Never mind that he couldn’t bank because the rails aren’t right yet. That didn’t bother me because I don’t know how to bank. I WON! The yoga comes in with my body position. He told me to get down low on my shot. The inner yoga instructor voice in my head said, “Extend your hips back and fold your body over the stick.” Worked perfect. Now I just have to figure out how to suggest changing the husband’s body position through yoga in a way that doesn’t get me beat over the head with a cue.

Then I got this weird urge today to dig out my old Tae-Bo videos. I haven’t done them in years. I remember them kicking my butt. But I’m feeling the need for more aerobic work in my life. I haven’t been swimming much and the only other formal exercise I’m doing is yoga. I haven’t been walking or biking because I haven’t gotten back in the habit after my injury. I did the whole Tae-Bo tape today. I worked up a sweat but I didn’t feel like I was going to die. The only thing I can imagine is that my legs and arms are stronger from the yoga so they are better able to handle the kicking and punching in the Tae-Bo.