I have the bestest horses ever! I went out of town to work today. The pet sitters came this morning. I think they might have come back tonight too because when I got home the horses were outside with a pile of hay in front of each of them. If they had been out all day they would have eaten their hay by then.

There were just two problems with this.

1) It is snowing hard. Each horse had about an inch of snow on them. They were not amused. They were so unamused that they are not currently speaking to me. Even after I rescued them and brought them inside and gave them grain, they are still not speaking to me.

2) They were in the back pasture. That would be the same back pasture that Prize demolished in the last post and that I have not yet bothered to fix. Yes, they were angry, they were cold, and they were still in the pasture!

Bestest ponies ever!