I’ve been on a non-fiction and documentary kick lately.

I read The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places on Earth by Eric Weiner. I picked this up because it talked about Iceland and I really want to go there. It mostly talked about eating really gross things in Iceland. That would definitely not make me happy but it was working for people there.

My library is a bastion of liberalism in a very conservative area. They can turn anything into a political discussion. Book discussion groups about the most apolitical of books can be turned into anti-conservative rants by staff members. I’m not the most conservative person around but they are way, way to the left of me. So I wasn’t surprised that when I went looking for documentaries there I found mostly ones with a decidedly liberal spin.

I watched Outfoxed which is an anti-Fox News rant. They learned that *gasp* Fox News is a conservative station that isn’t really Fair and Balanced! No kidding. The funniest part was that they learned this by having volunteers watch all the coverage and notify the film makers when something was said on Fox News that fit into the movie’s criteria of bad journalism. Where were the volunteers from? MoveOn.org. Yep, like they don’t have an ideology to push too.

I followed that up with WalMart: The high cost of low price by the same people. I returned the movies today and the library actually had Obama campaign posters on the book checkout. They aren’t even pretending to be subtle anymore. lol

I also watched Word Wars: Tiles and Tribulations on the Scrabble Game Circuit. This one was hilarious. I watched it at 2 AM when I couldn’t get back to sleep after Snowball needed out. It led to an overwhelming urge to play Scrabble-type games online when I got up this morning. It also led to a feeling of inferiority because I couldn’t make all the big words like they could.