What a day! It was bizarre. Here are highlights.

1. A cat with all kinds of problems comes in for an injection. At the last visit an x-ray reveals as an incidental finding that this former stray has some shotgun pellets in him. The owner is now super worried about them (instead of worrying about the more pressing problems). He tells me that he can feel one and tries to find it on the cat’s back leg. He points it out to me and I try to feel it. The cat starts to squirm while I’m holding the pellet under the skin. Suddenly, it pops out in my hand. Yes, I am SuperVet, able to remove bullets by the laying on of hands!

2. Speaking of my mastery of metal – A dog come in for scheduled surgery and the owner asks if she can be x-rayed. A ring has been lost and can’t be found. They don’t think the dog ate it but it is the only place they haven’t looked. Sure enough, an x-ray reveals a diamond ring about to come out of the dog. I pulled it out while she was sedated while invoking the “finders keepers” rule.

3. A bunny comes in with a mass on its chin. I touch it to determine what it is and it explodes. Not only does huge amounts of pus go everywhere but an inch long section of skin falls away. The rabbit looks for all the world like he has two mouths now. But he’ll feel better now that the infection is out.

4. A dog who weighs twice as much as she should comes in for swelling. She has swelling around her neck that is forcing her chin up and making it hard to breathe. X-rays show that she is so fat that the fat layer over her ribs on each side is the same thickness as her ribcage. That’s super fat.

Add to that, a hit by car puppy and a bunch of other weird appointments and then mix in a friend’s dog brought to my house this evening to be euthanized and it has been a very weird day.