The Church of England decided that their homosexual clergy can marry as long as they promise to remain celebate. I heard that on the radio yesterday and my only reaction was, “Huh?”

Here’s sections of an article I found interesting.

    The senior bishops of the Church of England, led by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, have said that clergy can marry their boyfriends and of course, the female clergy, can marry their girlfriends if they promise to refrain from sexual activities with their spouse. In a decision that may go down in history as being the first to render Monty Python parodies redundant, Rowan Williams, offered this compromise as a solution to the problem created by a British law that recognizes same-sex unions for purposes of tax and inheritance benefits.

Ok, so at least there are some benefits to same-sex unions that make this make ever so slightly more sense but it is still crazy.

    Anglicanism officially bars homosexuals from ordination…

Apparently that’s not working so well for you if you need to allow all the non-existent homosexual clergy to marry.

    …prohibits any sexual activity outside marriage and acknowledges that the definition of marriage is restricted to the union between one man and one woman for the procreation of children.

Here we go again. Heterosexual married person with no procreating going on. So what do you call my relationship? Certainly not marriage as defined by the Anglican Church.
It always used to bother to look at the “women’s bibles” in the stores. There was nothing that applied to me. This was pre-marriage for me so it was even worse than now. Women’s bibles have notes and commentary about things that the publishers decided that women are interested in. At least 90% are about marriage. That’s marriage with procreating, mind you. After all there is no other kind.