I was at Tractor Supply this morning (yeah, I know it is National Buy Nothing Day but my horses like bedding) and there were people putting flyers on cars. I could see that they said something about WalMart so I figured it was the typical boycott WalMart for (insert issue here). I didn’t read a flyer until the people left. I wish I would have had a chance to talk to them once I saw what it said.

Headline – Wal-Mart is being blackmailed by the radical homosexual agenda

Oh yes. You see, according to this flyer, WalMart became the juggernaut that it is because the founder loved Jesus. But now “Wal-Mart is changing!” They joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. They paid gay people money. GASP! And to just top off their evilness for the year – “Wal-Mart now dispenses the Plan B abortion pill which makes them an accomplice to the killing of little boys and girls in the privacy of American homes.” Uh, but about 5% of the little boys and girls would have grown up as gay people so isn’t that a good thing? (Please read that last line sarcastically and don’t send hate mail.)

There is a website for this wackoness. It is www.savewalmart.com (no direct link because I don’t want to support it). I followed links around to get an email for the founder. I sent him this:

I received one of your flyers advocating the boycotting of WalMart in a parking lot (not WalMart) on 11/24. I am glad that you have let me know that WalMart is now supporting gay rights and carrying additional forms of contraception. I usually do not shop at WalMart during the holiday season but I will be making a point of shopping there now. I am also using the link on your handout to contract WalMart and thank them for taking these steps towards common human decency.

Thank you again,

The address is [email protected] if you’d like to add something.

I also used the Wal-Mart address helpfully provided on the flyer ([email protected]) to send a message of thanks to WalMart for supporting homosexuals and adding contraceptive options.