I meant to write a post about how horribly lazy I’d been today. But I decided to check other blogs first because writing requires some work and it is a lazy day, remember? Over at Pagan Godspell there was a post the joys of laziness (and llama revolution – that’s overthrow of the government “revolution” not just llamas spinning in circles and getting incredibly dizzy “revolution.”) The point is that I now don’t feel so bad about being lazy. Besides, FosterMommy at Adopting Through Foster Care talked about how she didn’t have lazy time when she has a baby in the house so I’ve decided to think of today as proactive child recovery since whenever we end up with a child I will no longer have time for child recovery time.

I did accomplish a few things today.

1. I submitted my well water bacteria test to the Health Department. I still say that just the sight of me being alive should show that the water is ok. No one would question my water if I was reproducing. Question my sanity maybe but not my water.

2. I finished reading a book on Guardian ad Litem programs by Gay Courter called I Speak for this Child. Very good.

3. I started reading a book on open adoption.

4. I bought two gifts for a man listed on one of the Christmas trees in WalMart. I have major issues with Christmas even being thought about before December but how could I say no to a guy who wanted “anything with horses”? I got him a horse calendar and a western movie because he said he liked westerns on VHS tape. There was only one adult movie on VHS for sale and it happened to be a western so it was meant to be.

5. I cleaned my kitchen counters and decluttered the kitchen, living room, and dining room. I’m finding that lighting a candle when I start cleaning and saying a quick prayer to whatever hearth goddess I think of (usually Hestia) helps to focus and motivate me. Since I’m not a cleaner by nature that is a major accomplishment.

6. I walked/ran for about 20 minutes on the treadmill.

7. I made one scrapbook page in my mother’s never-ending Christmas present scrapbook of our trip to Germany.

8. I’ve made lots of calls to my local fire department to schedule my fire inspection. It is a volunteer department so you just have to call at times and hope someone answers. So far they haven’t. There is no way to leave a message.

9. I called my home study agency again because they haven’t called to set up a home visit date and they also aren’t returning my calls.

10. Laundry

That seems like a lot now that I’ve written it all down. I feel much better.