Facts about Paul:

He came here as a very timid boy.  It took him 2 years before he was brave enough to go into the living room.

He believes in rules.  Anyone in the house who isn’t following the rules stresses him out.  Freckles’ slide into senility was very upsetting for him.  When she was really confused and acting randomly we had to watch them or else Paul would try to slap some sense into her.

He’s relaxed a lot since Freckles died.

He just learned to cuddle in the last week.  Before he would sit near you for a few minutes on the bed or let you pet him but the idea of sitting and touching without active petting was new.


He raised Lucy from a kitten.  We adopted a kitten for him.  We knew he would want a cat to play with but an active adult cat would have been way too intimidating for him.  She followed him around and built his confidence.

 He doesn’t approve of anyone coming to the house.  He hides and hisses. 

When he was younger he was quite a thief.  He’d take anything he could carry and stash it.  Thankfully he’s outgrown that some.