I haven’t been reporting on my Body for Life challenge but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing it. I’m starting week 9. Weight loss so far – still zero. I attribute this to the fact that I don’t like cardio so I don’t push hard enough. Also I have fallen totally apart on the food plan. But, I’ve been doing really well on the weight lifting program. I’ve seen big strength gains. I have muscle tone that is amazing. The best thing is that my thighs are melting. Absolutely melting! I’ve always had proportionally big thighs. They still aren’t in danger of being ‘skinny’ but the change is obvious enough that I occasionally just stop and stare at them.
I wish my food control motivation was as high as my weight lifting motivation. I thought about declaring another self challenge to do 12 weeks of the diet. Just the thought made me weak.
I’m going to the Virgin Islands in October. That is a swimsuit vacation. I bought a new suit this spring. My new life goal is to be scrambling to find a smaller size before the trip!