Today was a designated cardio day. I’m to the point where I just can’t face another treadmill session. I’ve always been awful about cardio machines. I’m surprised that I’ve hung in this long doing my workouts. It was 90 degrees on the bank sign on the way home so going out to the trails wasn’t a great option either.

Then it dawned on me. Netflix Watch Instantly. If you have a netflix account there are lots of movies you can watch on the computer. I’ve been watching documentaries a lot. I checked out what cardio videos they had. I did three routines from the 10 minute dance blast video. I’m dripping sweat -way more than I would be on the treadmill with my wimpy workouts – and it was fun. They have three pages of video choices for variety. And if (when) I get bored with those options there is a video store nearby that gives out all their workout videos for free.

It may not be as great of a workout as hard intervals on the treadmill but I was getting to the point where I was trying to make excuses to not work out on cardio days. Hopefully this will get me over it.