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RIP Snowball


I put Snowball to sleep this afternoon. For the last few months she had been slowly fading. She would eat but not enough to keep her from losing lots of weight. She was alert and normal when she was awake but was only awake about 15 minutes a day. She was getting less and less mobile. She was starting to look sad except when the SO was bribing her with McDonalds cheeseburgers. Then she was downright enthusiastic!
She was 17 years old so it wasn’t unexpected but still sad.


  • Hollie

    Oh geez, I’m so sorry! 🙁 We had to let my parent’s dog go a few months ago, it was very hard. Goodbye Snowball! What a sweet photo.

  • Kati

    awwww, I’m sorry to hear that the time finally came to put Snowball down. I know it’s a couple days late in the saying, but my thoughts are with you as you adjust to live without her.

  • quiltmom( Anna)

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog- We had to put down our dog last winter and I wasn’t sure I wanted another one. A friend needed a home for his dog as he was moving to an apartment and we became dog owners again. Pets are treasured members of ones family- May you stories of Snowball bring you comfort.
    With condolences,

  • Maritzia

    I’m so sorry. I know how precious my animals are to me. We’re facing the same thing with our 11 year old dachshund. I’ve been keeping my head in the sand as much as possible, but deep down I know that time is coming.

    I’ll miss hearing your stories about Snowball.

    May she meet you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Nan

    You rescued her, and she had a good life with you, Heather. Never easy to say good bye to a friend, but it was the right thing to do FOR her. We are all sad for you.

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