Body for Life Week 1

I’ve officially finished the first week of the Body for Life 12 week challenge.

The good – I did all of my workouts. That’s amazing for an accomplished workout excuse maker like me. I did catch myself easing up on the weight or number of reps sometimes so I had to watch that.

The bad – I haven’t been watching my diet as closely as I should for the last few days. But the universe is conspiring to make me eat well against my will. I went to a Mexican restaurant last night and despite numerous pleas to all kinds of wait staff no one ever brought me the cheese dip I ordered. So no chips and dip for me! I figured it was a sign.

The result – I’m down 1.5 lbs. It doesn’t seem like much but if I do that every week that would be 18 lbs by the end of the challenge. Or I could just gain it back and then some…. But I’m staying positive and vowing to up the intensity on my cardio workouts no matter how many excuses I can come up with!


  • Alison Hamilton

    Hi – this is ellabellaboo from Swap bot. I think you are incredible! I’ve REjoined my gym and I still haven’t set foot in it. I’ve decided to accept my new shape and get a new wardrobe instead!! Well done you!

  • pixie

    lol…I’m not in the body for life challenge, but I had been working out regularly until I came to visit family a week ago. Plus all the food mom’s been cooking, I think I’ve gained 5lbs! My clothes are getting tight! How does it happen so quickly?

  • Elizabeth

    I can totally identify with the cheese story. I love cheese with anything. Take care, epdeans

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