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I am so excited! I have to share.


No, those are not weeds. Those are itty bitty baby lettuces that started out as seeds I sprinkled on the ground! Super-micro greens! I’m such a proud plant mama. I’ve never grown any kind of greens before. I just have about a foot long row planted and then I’ll stagger start some other rows.

And if that’s not enough….


Spinach babies!

Here are some other backyard shots. We have this huge shrub that provides a bit of privacy. I never knew what it was. It is about 12 feet tall. Here’s the answer.


I love lilacs. This bush doesn’t bloom a lot. Mostly near the top of the bush.

Here is the dogwood tree in the corner of the backyard.


And a closeup



  • Hollie

    Awww! I love the little sprouts! And the lilacs are divine.

    Right now I have four or five different herbs, and I got a lemon tree last weekend, that will live in the house. I joke with Greg that I want to start an indoor orchard. 🙂

  • Amanda

    I am quite jealous, I would love to have a garden and be surrounded by lilacs. And would especially love to be growing my own food. Yum.

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