I got to go see Bon Jovi in concert last night! 


I’ve never seen them before. That makes me a rarity in the crowd. The person I was sitting next to was on her 14th concert in 2.5 years. Three months ago she broke her leg at a concert and had to have it plated. She ordered her ticket for this show from the hospital.

The guy in front of me had seen them at Wembley. I heard other people talking about multiple concerts they had seen. One person I went with had seen them 8 times. I drove there with a group but since we got tickets separately I sat by myself. I could as wild as I wanted. Too bad I’m not the wild type.

It is funny to go places with people from work. They just can’t call me Heather. They try but they say it doesn’t feel right. It is like they are calling me by a fake name. So I’m Dr. Me no matter where I am.


The concert was good but they started 45 minutes after the advertised time. I’m a prompt person so that drives me batty.


“Have A Nice Day” but not Richie Sambora. I guess he’s in rehab.


When I got home I was greeted by two cats. Guess when my watchdog woke up?  When I was in my bedroom and needed her to move off my pillow. Yeah, I feel protected.