Hey. Freckles here.

I tell you, you spend your life working on being a Good Dog, and look what happens. You’re lying on your couch, which you have ever so nicely shared with your human, minding your own business, when out of nowhere your human starts sticking needles into your head. (I should have known she was trouble when I first saw the little stuffed cow head that she sticks her sewing pins into. Poor cow). She goes off about how she heard a lecture today about skin allergies and she’s going to work on my ear. I’ll have you know that my ear is just fine. She’s obsessed with it. Cleaning it all the time just when it gets good and stinky. I hate that. But this is over the top.


Look at that! Uncalled for. But since I’m a Good Dog I have to sit there are take it. Doesn’t mean I can’t give her Looks though. She tried to put a needle in my paw too but I took that right out. Good Dog only allows a human so many liberties.

She also mentioned that she ordered me some “herbs” too. I don’t know what that is but they best come wrapped in some cheese is all I have to say.