I followed a truck this morning with a window sticker that I could not understand.

Lift it up!
Fat Chicks
Can’t Jump!

This was between two coonhound stickers and I originally tried to connect them all. Eventually I realized that this was advice to put your truck on large tires so overweight women would not be able to get into it.

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that if I saw the driver of this vehicle that I would not mistake him for Brad Pitt.   I’m amazed at the number of “Don’t let fat women near your truck” stickers I see displayed in the town I work in. Is that in the owner’s manual?  Is it a known cause of vehicle failure? 
Or is it just these men declaring to the world that they are a$%&0les who prefer their trucks to women?  Surely, any self respecting woman of any size would not want to be involved with a man who felt comfortable advertising that on his truck.

(Don’t tell me that I’d be surprised about how women will flock to idiots. I’m preferring to live in blissful denial today.)