I love both nonfiction and fiction. The theme for this week’s Nonfiction November posts is book pairings.


The Secret History of Wonder Woman – Did you know that Wonder Woman, Amazon princess, was the invention of a man who was influenced strongly by early feminist theory and lived in a polyamorous relationship that included the niece of Margaret Sanger?

The Lost Sisterhood – What if a researcher into literature about Amazons was given an opportunity to prove that they were real and that her grandmother’s stories weren’t all crazy?

YA About African Girls


Taking Flight – Michaela Prince is an African girl with vitaligo who has to move to the United States to harness her true potential in dance.

Akata Witch – Sunny is an African-American girl with albinsim who has to move to Nigeria to harness her true potential in magic.


Female Civil War Spies


Liar, Temptress, Solider, Spy – The story of four females spies in the Civil War.

The Spymistress – A historical fiction version of the story of Elizabeth Van Lew, one of the spies discussed in the nonfiction book.


White Woman Learning about Racism


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Waking Up White – The story of a woman who investigates what it means for her to have white privilege.

Calling Me Home – The story of a woman who was in an interracial relationship in her youth in segregated Kentucky and her relationship with her hairdresser in present day.


North Korea is a Scary Place


Somewhere Inside – The story of journalists held captive by the North Korean government.

The Orphan Master’s Son – The story of all of North Korea held captive.


Americans Go To France to Learn in the 1800s


The Greater Journey – The story of Americans in Paris in the 19th century to learn about art, politics, and medicine.

I Always Loved You – Historical fiction about American painter Mary Cassatt during the same period in France.


The War of the Whales – It is a fight between whale researchers and the U.S. Navy over sonar’s potential implication as a causing of whales dying.

Fluke – What would happen if the whales fought back?


How’s your Nonfiction November going so far?  I posted three nonfiction reviews last week.

Naked At Lunch

Saving Simon

Post Traumatic Church Syndrome

After that, I’ve had a hard time settling into a new nonfiction book.  My book picking mojo is way off.  I am enjoying Don and Andy, a dual biography of Don Knotts and Andy Griffith, on audio though.