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“Do you head straight to the new releases or bargain rack? Do you spend hours perusing the mysteries or perhaps you can’t drag yourself out of the young adult section? Or is there something unique about your local indie bookshop that makes it a must stop every time you pass it? Whether you shop in a brick and mortar or an online bookstore, what is your favorite section? Consider discussing the genre itself or providing a list of favorite (or recent) finds.”

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have the unpopular opinion here but:

I can’t stand bookstores

I’m a library girl.  There is nothing that a bookstore does that isn’t better at a library.

  • The books are better organized.  I don’t want to guess where you shelved a book.  Give me the Dewey Decimal System any day.
  • There is a better selection.  I love backlist and obscure writers. I don’t care if you have 25 million copies of the latest best seller. 
  • I’m too cheap for bookstores.  Libraries give me all the books I want for me.  I couldn’t afford my book habit if I had to buy them all.
  • I’m a minimalist.  When you buy a book then you have to figure out how to get rid of it.  The library will take it back.  When I buy books I want an ebook so I don’t have store a physical copy.

Pretty much the only books I buy are books that are recommended on Twitter that my library doesn’t have.  Since my library is pretty well networked that doesn’t turn out to be a a lot of books.  They are mostly romances that are only available as ebooks. 

Is it just me that doesn’t enjoy a bookstore? 

3 Replies to “#BookBlogExpo – Bookstores”

  1. I love both bookstores and libraries for different reasons. But, I must admit that since the bookstore in my area closed and now the nearest one is almost an hour away, I’ve been spending more time at the library which I can walk to in about ten minutes.

  2. I love libraries though mine is small and cramped so not good for browsing. We recently broke ground on an expanse and if it would stop raining (16 straight days of rain!) they might make some progress. So I go to bookstores to look at all the pretty covers.

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