One of my goals this month was to participate in Asian Lit Bingo.  Here are the books I read that had either Asian authors, main characters, or both.  They needed to have both to actually count.  You got one point per book and an extra point for own voices books. 

1 point for Once upon a Marquess and 2 points each for Picture Us in the Light, Abby Spencer, Mambo in Chinatown, Girl in Translation, Jewel in the Crown and Inspector Chopra – 13 points plus 4 reviews =17 points

Here are the other books I read this month:

The books were:

  • 0 nonfiction – I don’t feel like that is true because of bathroom reading.  I hear that people keep short, generally funny books in the bathroom for light reading.  Right now in my house we have a history of the Roman occupation of Gaul in one bathroom and a hefty history of The Silk Route in the other.  I think we are doing this wrong.
  •  0 audio books because I started from the beginning of The West Wing Weekly podcast and I’m only on season 4 right now.  Not listening to audiobooks has really dropped my monthly book totals
  • Set in England, India, and the U.S.

The authors were:

  • 4 unique white women, 1 African-American woman, 1 Indian man, 1 Indian woman, 2 East Asian women, and 1 biracial woman

Reading All Around the World challenge from Howling Frog Books

  • Read a nonfiction book about the country – or
  • Read fiction written by a native of the country or someone living for a long time in the country.

Nothing added this month.  Boring!