top ten tuesday

I am a champion DNFer. If a book isn’t working for me I have no qualms walking away from it. But I have a few here that I mean to be reading – that I think I should be reading – but that I just haven’t finished and haven’t given up on. They are living in limbo.

I’ve liked a few TJ Kline books and DNFed others. This one I own in hardcover so it is just sitting around my house. It has been sitting in my living room untouched for months. I moved it to the bathroom so I thought I’d read it a bit more but I haven’t. It is just a slog. Just finish dying, will you?

I bought this for myself and was really excited and then … just haven’t started it yet.

I have a bunch of other books that I really want to read on my shelf that I just haven’t. I think the factors that have made me not pick them up are that they are:

  • pretty heavy subjects
  • paper books instead of ebooks

Here are some examples. They are all good books that I am interested in. It is just easier to grab a fun ebook instead.