Every so often the husband and I look at a house for sale. We have an ideal house for us as we age in mind. If we can find it, we want to buy it, but we aren’t actively needing to move. We recently looked at a house that had a small room that could have been made into a library/office space. That got me thinking.

I think most readers have the fantasy of having a big library space. We all imaging doing the Belle slide.


And of course we need the final boss stage of her life.


But what is the reality?

I have two very nice bookcases. They don’t go to the ceiling. I get really annoyed when I have more books than comfortably fit on them. Then I feel itchy until I purge. I don’t like having a lot of extra stuff around.

Who is going to dust off all those books in that massive library? I don’t have magically enchanted staff but I do have dust allergies.

I do have a comfy oversized leather chair just perfect for sitting and reading in with a cup of tea. I don’t ever do that. I generally don’t snack while reading. I don’t know why. I just don’t. I’ll read while eating full meals but I don’t generally snack.

My preferred indoor reading position is in bed with my iPad on my chest. If it is the middle of the day and I’m going to read, I go lay down. I don’t need a library for that. I don’t need bookcases with a ladder on wheels to find the books on my Kindle app.

A fancy library would be completely wasted on me. I’m ok with that. I like being simple.