top ten tuesday

I read lots of authors for the first time in 2023 but to count for this list I had to like them enough to read them multiple times.

Freya Marske

I’ve been prioritizing reading authors from south of the equator and she is Australian. Her Last Binding series combined magic and historical romance.

W. R. Gingell

This is another Australian (Tasmanian to be precise) that I found while looking for fantasy books set in the southern hemisphere. I read a bunch of her Fae fantasy series but haven’t finished it all yet.

Heather Webber

I also like magical realism and foodie books. This author mixes those together well.

Emily Skrutskie

I started reading her for SciFi Month.

Sara Goodman Confino

I first found her through a free book on Kindle First Reads and loved it.

Jill M. Beene

I first read her historical romance and liked those so much that I picked up her fantasy and that was pretty good too.

Sofi Laporte

I don’t remember how I found this author but I’m glad I did. I know I read her wishing well series first. It was a silly premise but she made good books out of it.