I read 22 books in January.

It was a weird month. I’d go days without finishing anything and then I’d read 6 books in 2 days. Yeah, I also discovered Isa Medina and binged her books. Her shifter books were part of that 6 books/COVID in a hotel room between listening to CE lectures period. At the end of the month I discovered Jessica Rosenberg. How was I supposed to resist a magical bakery story? I also finally finished Under the Whispering Door.

Reading My Own Books/TBR

I got 2 this month! I had bought Round Here and Over Yonder when it came out because I’m a long time Trae Crowder fangirl but I didn’t finish the audiobook all at once. It wasn’t because it wasn’t good. I just wandered off to books that had a deadline because they were from the library. I decided to finish it this month.