Bumper bowling is the best thing ever!  I highly recommend renting a kid if you don’t have one and going to try it.  No possibility of gutter balls improves your game tremendously.  For a while there the SO was convinced that the kid was going to beat him regardless and this was worrying him but he did prevail.  He even beat me on the last game by pulling out a miracle two strikes in the 10th frame.

Z has flair and form on her approach.  She holds the ball against her chest and then backs up to the carpeting.  Then she runs full speed to the lane, stops cold, drops the ball, and runs back.  We had to remind her to watch to see if she hit any pins.  Once she even got the ball to stop halfway down the lane.  That takes skill.

2 Replies to “Bowling”

  1. *chuckle* I was hated as a kid for my technique. I’d drop the ball, because it was invariably too heavy for my little body. Eventually they stopped letting me play. I don’t go bowling, even now.

    Glad you and Z and the SO had a good time. Hope Z’s technique improves with time, patience and examples. *wink*

  2. I remember taking E bowling when she was about Z’s age (I’m assuming here, she’s your age-ish now) and how funny she was, even with the kid-sized ball. I love the bumpers, too bad they don’t let old folks use them, too! I might go more often.

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