I went to a walk in clinic on Monday to threaten my aching sore throat into submission.  While I was there I had to get officially weighed.  Now I know I was gaining weight.  I even knew the number but somehow having it done all official-like made it more real.

So I joined weight watchers online.  My mother recently lost 25 lbs on WW which is good for her but annoying for me since we’ve been the same size forever and it is just annoying when your mother is skinnier than you.  It is also annoying that I think one of her motivating factors for losing weight was that she was annoyed at me for getting skinny (all be it temporarily).  Since she didn’t want to do the husband runs off stress diet that I did she did weight watchers.  In the meantime I got unstressed and gained back my stress induced weight loss and some.

Weight watchers online it is then.  For a vegetarian weight watchers isn’t too hard.  The way it will help me is to give me the motivation to say no to stopping for some ice cream on the way home or deciding to drive through Taco Bell for lunch instead of making something at home before I leave for work.  When I think about it I have no problem staying in my allotted amount of food.  It is when I get lazy that I splurge.

It has been three whole days now.  No drivethroughs.  I’m writing down everything I eat like a good girl.  I’m also exercising with a combination of free weight routines and pilates.

I haven’t been able to bring myself to write this because it bores even me.  I always have these great intentions that never seem to work out for lasting weight loss.  Maybe this is the time!