I had the book How to Be Single in my car.  The SO saw it and got all manner of perturbed.

Him:  Are you trying to learn something?

Me:  It is fiction.

Him:  Ok, because you aren’t single.

Me:  Yes I am.

I’m remembering months of legal wrangling and arguing to establish the fact that yes I am single.  I remember him saying that all he wanted for his birthday was my divorce to go through.  Now I’m suddenly not single?

Him:  Well, maybe as a tax filing status you’re single.

The conversation drifts away and we go about our errands.  But about once an hour he’d bring it up out of the blue.

Him:  blah, blah, blah, talking about something else entirely AND YOU ARE SO NOT SINGLE!

An hour later – Him: talk, talk, talk, YOU ARE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY OFF THE MARKET!

Ok, now I get it.  To him single = not in a relationship instead of seeing single = not married.  It is sweet when you look at it like that.