Today was the day that I went to a bra fitting with people from work. They were so excited about this for months that they couldn’t see straight. I wasn’t. But they are strange so I go for the entertainment factor.

I got fitted first. They moved me up a cup size. I felt very proud of myself. Actually I was in between sizes. Whenever I tried on a style that made me a smaller size I felt a bit ashamed. That’s the only time I’ll ever be proud of a big size.

But then no one would believe me. I was looking at bras and another person I was with asked what size I was trying to find. I proudly stated, “D!” She responded, “For who?” I have to admit a D isn’t what it used to be.

I was by far the smallest one there. One lady is large. Let’s say that she hasn’t had the proper support to keep the girls up where they belong and she still looks large. She was fit with a size that I didn’t even know existed. I don’t think you can even find that size in the Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

I left from there and went to work and no one would look me in the eye. They all knew that we went this morning. I hated to disappoint them and tell them that I didn’t buy anything and so I was just the same as before. They said that when the other people work next week with their new scaffolding they are probably just going to stare. And that was just the women talking. The male doctor is going back from a conference next week. He’s going to make all kinds of fun.