I believe I have explained in detail before how I work with some of the most unenlightened people on earth. This week has been particularly trying. Receptionist #1, who apparently has been living under a rock for several months, just found out that Brokeback Mountain is about gay people.

She is horrified. She seems to be taking it as a personal affront. How it personally affects her I’m not sure but she wants the world to know that the movie is about gay people. So her standard question to people now is, “Did you know that Brokeback Mountain movie is about (insert perjorative term of your choice because she has quite an imagination)?” This is asked in an accusing and loud voice. She doesn’t just ask people she knows. She asks total strangers who come into the clinic. Total strangers who could be gay. I’m waiting for that to happen. I hope they give it right back to her.

Anyway, it is known that I not only saw the movie but liked it. That is seen as further proof that I’m just not quite right. Combine that with my defense of legal immigration (another post) and I’m the closest thing to a radical that they know.

Here’s a sample conversation from yesterday.

Receptionist 1 : They kiss!!!!
Receptionist 2: I saw that the one guy has a baby on the way (wrong fact 1) and that he said he just imagined that he was with his girlfriend when he was kissing the other guy.
R 1: He must have given it to him good then.
R2: Yep.
R 1: I can’t believe that they found guys who are willing to play gay. They must have paid them lots of money is all I know. (wrong fact 2) That is just so gross!!!!!

And on and on and on and on….. For days now.

How should this be handled? Skip the obvious that they should be doing their jobs. Not going to happen. I just keep interjecting when appropriate that I liked it but they don’t care. They are so totally grossed out by even the idea of homosexuality.

Is it even worth talking to people this set in their ways about the topic? They are exactly the type of people who would benefit from seeing the movie but another part of the rant is, “I wouldn’t pay 2 cents to see that movie. Someone would have to pay for me to see it. No, I wouldn’t even see it then.” Is Brokeback Mountain preaching the choir? Are the only people who will see it people who aren’t totally offended by homosexuality?