I have totally not been into the fair this week. I keep getting bored and coming home.

Yesterday I tried a deep fried 3 Musketeers bar. I figured it had to be tried just to say that I did. I ate half of it and gave the other half away to several curious onlookers. It wasn’t bad. It was breaded first so it tasted like a chocolate filled pastry. I never eat fried foods though, except for the occasional french fries so I reacted badly to it later on. But all in all it wasn’t as disgusting of a dish as it sounds.


  • Anne

    I haven’t tried any deep fried candy bars (I’ve seen Snickers here) but I did try a deep fried Twinkie last year out of curiousity. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad. Tasted like chicken, uh no, funnel cake.

  • Mergrl

    I’ve heard of fried twinkies on a stick, but never a candy bar. Sounds interesting in a yucky kind of way and I love chocolate

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