Cause or effect?

Why are all runners skinny? Is it because running is such great exercise that anyone who does it becomes a size 2 or is it because only skinny people take up running? If the answer is because it is great exercise then where are all the fat people who are just starting to run? When I’m out on trails bike riding or hiking I only see super skinny runners.


  • Paul M

    I’m really thin and run at least 10 miles a day, also I eat very little -mainly to keep my body lean and keep running for the XC Team.
    When I do run, I usually run until exhaustion. I’ve always been thin anyway and don’t think I’ll ever get over 10 stone for a 6 foot 3 frame. In the summer by body weight will drop considerable, due to many races and killer training sessions,

  • KM

    I have to say that I am skinny (historically becuase I eat very little, not because I workout or because of genetics — to be frank, my family are all fat). I started running and even I was embarrased by having to run, walk, run, walk. The stigma is there for everyone. I haven’t lost any weight by running (I actually gained weight), but I didn’t have any to lose….

  • debra

    I’m a track runner I do admit, the people on my team and I are below average pertaining to percentage of body fat, but that was because we ran so much (10 miles) everyday.

    And it’s not true that only “skinny” people take up track or running. I’m happy to say that I see people of all shapes and sizes trying out for the team.

    I, and most of the people on my team are only in our freshman year of highschool. We all decided to tryout for the team together, and we also weighed more then than we do now.

    I found that it helped running with other people rather than alone. If you run with others, they encourage you to keep going and you can do the same for them. If alone, then you might lose motivation altogether and become lax and start walking only.

    However, from my perspective, it’s different. Being in highschool puts me at another metabolism rate. Despite that, I recommend running, or jogging with a friend. It really does help!

  • Dr. Forbush

    I hate running.

    However, over the last 18 months I have lost about 30 pounds. I did this by swimming every day.

    Back when I was more over weight and I didn’t have a swim pass I tried running in order to get excercise. I found, that it is great excercise, but the drawback is that you run for a while and get tired, then you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and you still need to walk or run home. Obviously more planning helps. Then I started running to the middle school track and then I just ran around the track until I got tired. This obviously didn’t take long, seeing that I was out of shape.

    So, to answer your question. You don’t see fat people running out on the long trails, because they are excercising close to home. They just can’t endure the same distance that you can. Therefore the probability of running into a fat person on the trail is going to be much lower than the skinny people who can go for 10 miles and not break a sweat.

    BTW, even though I hate running I still enter a 5K every now and then, since I am in much better shape now. But, I train for it on the treadmill. This way I can stop any time and I don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

  • Heather

    I agree with not wanting a lot of attention. I’ve thought aobut trying to run and starting with a run-walk alternating program. But I haven’t wanted to do it when there are people around because it seemed embarrassing to have to stop and walk. I’ve mostly given up on the running idea because of leg problems. There doesn’t seem to be as much stigma attached to being a large walker or biker.

  • Gabriel's Daugther

    Fat people don’t like to exercise when skinny people are around. I’m a fat person, so I know. It’s intimidating. You get stares. I think it is hard to get motivated to work out when people judge you for getting so big. Granted, I’m pregnant at the moment, but once I have the baby and start working out again, I know the judgements that people will make of me (not knowing how I gained the weight or why).

    They should be supporting the fat person for trying to make their situation better, but it just seems as though the fat person doesn’t want any more attention drawn to them when they are seen exercising near a skinny person.

    Granted, that’s probably why there are so many people are still so overweight. Just a thought.

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