I found out that my brother is planning is on proposing to his girlfriend. Mainly because she told him that he had to. This is generally the best approach to take with my brother who seems to have more than his fair share of inertia.

This all makes me remininse about when the husband proposed to me. Every girl dreams about when she will be proposed to and how romantic it will be. I believe I’m in the running for least romantic proposal ever. At the time we lived 4 hours apart. I drove to his apartment on a Friday night. When I got there he was all romantic. Dim lights, candles, the works. I remember cuddling on the couch. It was sweet. The rest of the weekend he kept saying strange things. Frequent readers of this blog will know that he always says strange things so I just ignored the strangeness. But by Sunday we were in his office and he was acting even stranger. He made some comment about how he owned me now. That one finally made me ask what in the world he was talking about.

Him: We’re getting married.
Me: Says who?
Him: I proposed. You accepted.
Me: I most certainly did not!
Him: Yes you did.
Me: I think I would remember!!!!
HIm: Friday night. I asked. You said yes.
Me: No way! I would remember. (thinking it must not have been a very good proposal if I didn’t realize it happened) Did you say the words?
Him: What words?
Me: The “will you marry me” words?
Him: Will you marry me?
Me: Yeah, those words. If you don’t say them it doesn’t count.
Him: speaking in the slow “I’m talking to an idiot” voice that unfortunately he’s had plenty of opportunities to perfect since this time No. (makes sure I have eye contact and am paying attention this time) Will you marry me?
Me: Oh. (It dawns on me.) Yeah.

So there you have it. My proposal was on a Sunday afternoon sitting in his office arguing over whether or not we’ve been engaged for 2 days. Since it was Sunday I had to leave and drive home in order to get back to work on Monday. I called him when I got home to discuss dates. He didn’t have a ring since it must have been a spur of the moment things. Maybe that’s why you have rings as a token that it actually happened so everyone remembers.