Stress and uncertainty in my life makes me not eat. I dropped 10 lbs the week my husband left me. I’m anxious about my job situation so I’m not eating. The upside is that I might look good in my vacation pictures next month. This might make me eat though.

These came today. Riley is very kindly demonstrating how big they are by providing a sense of scale.

chocomize Rush over there now. You can custom make your own candy bar. Start by picking dark, milk, or white chocolate and then add nuts, herbs, candies, flowers, etc. A portion of your sale is donated to a charity that you pick on the site. I chose Doctors Without Borders. See, you have to buy candy. IT HELPS PEOPLE WHEN YOU ARE UNSELFISH LIKE THIS.

My candy bars are milk chocolate with marshmallows and graham crackers, milk chocolate with marshmallows and caramel pieces, and dark chocolate with banana granola and blueberries. That one’s practically health food, like my gummy bear Flintstone vitamins I’ve started taking. Am I the only person who is afraid to admit that I’m not a big dark chocolate fan? Don’t get me wrong. Any chocolate is good but is it showing my middle class MidWest American roots to say I like milk chocolate? It almost seems like a crime nowadays not to crave dark chocolate. Anyway, whatever you like head over there. When I ordered the coupon code skinnyrunner10 got me 10% off. I’m not sure if it still works. Yep, I learned about this on a running blog. That makes it healthy too!

The only badness is that they put nutrition info on the back. Really, who wants to know that the candy on top of candy concoction they invented might not really be health food?