I had cleaners in yesterday in preparation for the real estate agent coming to take pictures today. Let me tell you that there is no feeling in the world like walking into your house and having it spotlessly clean. I’m just one of those people who can’t achieve that no matter how much I work at it. They did it in a few hours.

There were casualties though. I found Snowball in her closet. She still had her blanket on the floor but she was giving me a look like she had had to fight long and hard for it. She was traumatized. I reached out to pet her and found a large scab on the side of her neck. It took a few seconds to realize that it wasn’t a scab, it was a buckle. She was wearing a collar. The full force of her agony was now clearly evident. She sees collars as a symbol of canine oppression.

I’m assuming that she wanted out. The cleaners are animal people but didn’t know that she just gets to go out and wander about. So they obviously caught her and put her collar (and probably a lead – oh the horror!) on her. I’m quite impressed by their dedication. She turns into 6 and a half pounds of whirling dervish whenever I try to get her collar onto her. I had to wrestle her just to get it off since she was in a mood. She felt much better immediately.

Now I just need to concentrate on keeping the house this clean as I continue to get rid of stuff since it will be on the market. Anyone want to buy a house?