It is official. My pets can not be here when the house is showing. I know that it is generally a good idea to have them gone in case people are allergic or are just pet haters but I have special reasons. Mine have to be gone because they are too helpful.

Powder thinks that the real estate agent is here to see her. Therefore she follows the agent around so the agent has easy access to pet her whenever the urge strikes. Look at something too closely and you’ll have a cat pop up next to you to see what you are looking at. Riley is helpful at holding down papers. He’ll throw his whole body over them so they don’t go anywhere.

Snowball will eventually wander out if she notices someone is around. If she doesn’t, people might think she is dead or in a coma when they go to the walk-in closet and find a dog who can’t be woken up unless you pick her up and put her on her feet.

I went to shut the upstairs bedroom door and found this as a new part of my artfully arranged tableau.



The hutch in my dining room held the bag of cat food. When the hutch moved last weekend it panicked the cats. They were convinced that there would be no more food. Powder threw herself across the furniture to try to keep it from being moved. When that didn’t work she got into the truck so she could go with it. Why do are my animals always convinced that I am going to starve them to death unless they watch me very carefully?