This was at sewing day yesterday. The person whose house it was at had fallen on her way to the barn that morning and her dog thought she was playing a fun game of “Let’s Roll in the Snow” so he enthusiastically jumped on top of her to play. She was not in the mood for the game and she was still a bit miffed at him later. Then he decided that he wanted to sleep on the quilt she was trying to bind. She was still fairly sore from her fall and did not want to wrestle with him. Eventually he worked out this compromise.


This worked for him mostly because she didn’t notice he was still laying partly on the quilt.

She is an OR nurse and three hours into her shift last night one of the doctors ordered her to go get an x-ray. Turns out she broke the ball clean off the femur. No wonder the roll in the snow game wasn’t as fun for her!


Yesterday I finished the roughly 10 gazillion flying geese blocks for Orca Bay.


(Ignore the crooked. I’ve haven’t trimmed yet.)

It isn’t so much the number of blocks as the number of parts in each one. Now I have everything to finish the second half of the center. That’s my goal for today – along with hiring a cleaning service so the SO and I don’t kill each other and buying external speakers for my iPad. I’ve been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine while sewing this quilt and it is a miracle I haven’t sliced my earbuds with a rotary cutter yet.

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4 Replies to “Compromise”

  1. I like the colors in your flying goose. Hope your friend’s all right. That sounds like a horrible fracture!

    Another vote for a cleaning service! It forces me to de-clutter every two weeks AND gets the toilets clean without me being the one who does it.

  2. Have you heard of the Jawbone? It uses the bluetooth technology so that your iPod doesn’t even have to be attached, just close by. We got one for the Bear for his birthday, and he loves that he can still text and use his phone while the music is playing without being tethered to the speakers. Also, very small, portable, and has good sound.

  3. OUCH! That’s a serious break!

    I would love a cleaning service. If only I could (a) convince my husband and (b) find someone who doesn’t mind all the dogs and all the dust/dirt in my house!

  4. LOL over slicing the earbuds wire! I use cordless headphones. The base plugs into wherever the sound will come from. TV, computers, itouch… It’s worked well and works everywhere in our home. I listen to books on tape through my computer.
    And I vote yes for the housekeeper. Even if it’s just every other week it can make a significant difference in the amount of crafting time!!

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