I’ve known this for weeks but I keep forgetting to post this.

I gave Prize to my massage therapist.  I was scheduled for a massage and was a bit nervous.  What if she absolutely hated Prize and wanted me to take her back?  What if my massage suddenly really, really hurt?  Would that be a sign that she was displeased with me?

I walked in and she started gushing.  “I just LOVE her!  She is so sweet.  We are riding all the time.  We’ve never ridden this much – not just riding a lot for January but riding more than ever.  She loves to go!  She gets all excited to go for rides.”

At this point I was staring at her incredulously.  I was thinking that maybe she had picked up two horses that day and forgot which one came from me.  I mean, this is the horse who could sigh from the tips of her toes whenever she saw me with a saddle.

She noted my look.  “I know, it’s liking hearing other people talk about your kids.” 

What made me really believe it was when she said that they were trail riding her and at first she was a bit excited but when they started riding her on the buckle she started to love it.  That explained it.  With me she was a dressage horse wannabe (I wanted her to be and she didn’t mostly).  She had to hold her athletic posture and do what she was told when she was asked.  With them she is wandering the countryside with her new barnmates looking at everything which is good for such a nosy busybody.  “Riding on the buckle” means that she is on a very loose rein just doing her own thing wandering down the trail.  That fits her work ethic (or lack thereof) much better.  I’m competitive.  If I would have trail ridden her I’d would have been pushing her to long distance competitions which I knew she was too lazy to enjoy.  They are riding a few hours at most a day.  Perfect for her.

To top it off, since she’s working more she gets a little grain at night.  She’s got to be in Heaven!!